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Stock Exchange Transaction The intermediation of the share sale and acquisition of the societies quoted at the Stock Exchange of Moldova (SEM) and on the market outside the stock exchange, is the main service offered by the Brokerage Company "FINCOM" to its clients. If you want to invest on the money market bying shares from the commercial societies quoted at the stock exchange or on the market outside the stock exchange to take advantage of his/her quality as shareholder of these companies, you cannot make it directly, but only through a Brokerage Company accredited by the Stock Exchange of Moldova. The transaction intermediation service rendered by the company "FINCOM" begins when signing a contract of stock-exchange service and of an account opening form. In case you want to carry out transactions with the help of a broker, you have to call one of the firmпїЅs subsidiaries, to negociate the transaction commission, to establish your investment objectives, to specify the risk level that you are willing to undertake and to sign a stock-exchange service contract. After signing this contract, a personal account is going to be created, and the company "FINCOM" will keep a detailed situation with the account money sums and with the stock-exchange portfolio that you have ordered to buy from the money market. Further on, you will supply this account in cash or through a bank transfer with the sums necessary to the fulfillment of your acquisition orders, and after that every time you wish to buy or sell some transferable securities from the portfolio, you will make a sale or buying order, which will be carried out by the company "FINCOM" as intermediary according to your requests. After fulfilling the transaction orders, the company "FINCOM" will inform you about the success of their fulfillment. Types of accounts for the investors on the money market: The clients of the company "FINCOM" may choose to get benefit of one of the two types of investment accounts on the money market, depending on their preferences, thus: Assisted Account The clients that choose this type of account prefer to manage their own portfolio and to choose securities they want to invest in themselves. Usually, these clients know the money market well and can decide themselves which transactions are be the best ones. Even if the clients, who get benefit of this type of accounts make precise orders that contain the clear specification of the accounts to be bought or sold and the company "FINCOM" fulfill exactly these orders, the clients will be given advice concerning the best investment opportunities. Discretionary Account The money market is a fluctuant market, where the prices of the securities may substantially change in a very short period of time, and this is one of the reasons why the gains and losses of the investors might be significant. Because of this, many clients must rapidly take a decision to buy or sell as a result of the informations about the evolution of the market and to give buying orders to the company "FINCOM", so that the transaction can commence later on. These steps might need a longer period of time and the result might be the decree of the given portofolioпїЅs profitability, where the client may allow the company "FINCOM" to take decisions on his/her behalf regarding the most profitable investements every moment. In such case, when signing the contract of stock-exchange servicing, the client might specify that he/she wants a discretionary account and the company "FINCOM" will decide in which securities are to be invested the sums placed at its disposal by the client, creating and managing further on his/her securities portfolio. Obviously, even in the case of a discretionary account, the client can give orders of sale or acquisition any time, as he/she considers it more convenient. These two types of accounts may be chosen by the clients who make transactions through a broker. The Invested Sum The Stock Exchange of Moldova does not impose a minimal amount of shares on the transaction market. The company "FINCOM" has its leading interest to obtain a profitability as big as possible of the clientsпїЅ investments, and that is why, we think that the minimal amount to be invested at the Stock Exchange of Moldova constitutes 15000MDL, but this is only a recommendation and not a compulsory request. The Transaction Charges and Commissions Acting as intermediary, the company "FINCOM" collects a series of charges and commissions from the clients, so that we can pay, on our turn, commissions for every transaction of each client to the SEM, the indepentent Registrators, to the National Depository of the Transferable Securities. Further on, we have specified the total commissions that the clients have to pay for the carried out transactions without having the need to pay other additional taxes. Main Charges and Commissions The transaction commission is established and applied differently for the clients carrying out transactions with the help of a broker.0,52 - 10,00%. In case of a transaction fulfilled through a broker the commission may vary depending on the invested sum, the number of transactions realised in time, on the type of the wished account, and it is negociable. This commission is applied to the total value of each transaction, is it sale or acquisition. Share Transfers The transfer of the portfolio securities from the registers or other brokerage societies to the Brokerage Company "FINCOM" or from the Brokerage Company "FINCOM" to the registers or other brokerage societies is not charged by our company, but it is charged by the stock exchange, depository or the registers. The Money Transfer The supply of your account opened by the Brokerage Company "FINCOM" regarding the investments on the money market may be fulfilled both, through a bank transfer and through the deposit to the cashierпїЅs office of the Brokerage Company "FINCOM". The legal regulations in force impose to all those making transactions on the money market to own a bank account with the help of which they would withdraw the cash. In other words, you can deposit money regarding their investment both, in cash and through a bank transfer, but you can withdraw the wished amounts only through a bank transfer to your account. We wish you good luck!