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About the Brokerage Company "FINCOM" JSC 

The Brokerage Company "FINCOM" JSC (Khishinev,Moldova) was founded as a joint-stock association on the 5th of April1995. The initial social capital of the Brokerage Company "FINCOM" JSCconstituted 82.000 MDL. The aim of the foundation was and still is thequalitative servicing of the Clients so that they can reach theirinvestment aims.

The Brokerage Company "FINCOM" JSC is a foundation member of the Stock Exchange of Moldova,of the Brokers and Dealers Association of the Republic of Moldova,shareholder at the National Depository of the Transferable Securities. It is one of the first societies activating  on the money market of the Republic of Moldova.

TheBrokerage Company "FINCOM" JSC is authorized by the NCFP in accordancewith the new regulations of the money market and activates aoording tothe authorization decision from 26.12.2008 and the DEALER, BROKERAGE, INVESTMENT CONSULTING and UNDERWRITING LICENCE nr. 000042, valid until 26.12.2013.

The suscribed social and fully deposited capital constitutes at present 100.000 MDL.

TheBrokerage Company "FINCOM" JSC is an association with private capitalthat is fully Moldavian. From the foundation and up to the present noshareholder has ever had the control over the association.  

Accordingto the value of the transactions fulfilled on behalf of the clients andfor its own portfolio at the Stock Exchange of Moldova, the BrokerageCompany "FINCOM" JSC has always been among the first 5 brokeragecompanies of the country.

From the veryfoundation of the Brokerage Company "FINCOM" JSC has paid greatattention to the clients as natural or legal persons and to theoperations fulfilled on their account. Through thorough anddocumentated information and through financial consulting granted tothe clients, the Brokerage Company "FINCOM" JSC managed to imposeitself, during the 14 years of existence, among the first brokeragecompanies of the Republic of Moldova, on the condition that theassociation is completely independent (not bank-type one).